ClauseBase engages the following entities to carry out specific processing activities related to the use of the ClauseBase platform.

This list is relatively short, taking into account the wealth of features offered on the ClauseBase platform. The reason is that, for a combination of data protection concerns and independence, we strive to host most services ourselves, instead of relying on third party services.




Cloud servers; primary backup servers

Germany & Finland

Office 365 & GPT-4 (Azure)


Encrypted secondary backups of databases


Email communication


Machine translation


Communication, CRM & Project Management


Clause Hunt email attachments processor

Germany & Finland

SIEM, XDR and statistics — logging


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Other suppliers

While they do not process personal data or confidential information from our customers, we can also list the following third parties on which we rely:


Documentation website

ClauseBuddy documentation

Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve the performance of static files

Front-end website

Front-end website statistics

Domain registration


  • 2nd April 2021: Move from Combell NV (hosting provider) to Upcloud Ltd.

  • February 2023: Move from TeamLeader NV to Odoo NV for Communication, CRM & Project Management

  • July 2023: Addition of and; updates to Upcloud (only encrypted backups) and DigitalOcean (no more backups)

  • February 2024: Moved the location to; removed UpCloud; added Scaleway; removed DigitalOcean; added the "Other suppliers" section


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