Geographical locations


Within ClauseBase, we only use providers with headquarters within Europe* to handle non-trivial customer data for European customers.

In other words, we go beyond the strict requirements of both the GDPR and current market practices, which only require that data is stored inside of the EEA. We go several steps further, so that we don't even want to work with providers outside Europe.

There are only two exceptions to the "European providers" rule: Microsoft (for our internal use of Office 365, as well as our customer's use of Azure GPT-4) and Apple (for the laptops and iPhones we use).

(*) It is more correct to say that we only use providers that are subject to either the GDPR itself, or are subject to legislation that is declared to be equivalent to the GDPR (i.e. for which an "adequacy decision" has been taken by the European Commission, so for example also including the UK and Switzerland).

Server locations

Our primary servers are physically located in Germany, with specific servers in other jurisdictions at the request of enterprise customers. Some secondary servers for specific processing tasks (e.g. PDF conversion, discussion forum, etc.) are located in Amsterdam and Finland.

Our encrypted backups are stored in different data centres across Germany and France.

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